Bad Moon Nob (Part 2)

 It took me a while to finish this guy, but I finally did it. I haven't done anything with this miniature since May of 2020, but my recent grot project inspired me to get him to a completed state. 

The finished Bad Moon Nob.
The yellow was done by applying a basecoat of Firy Orange, then Sunburst Yellow (thinned), Sunburst yellow deep highlights (unthinned), followed by a Bad Moon Yellow layer with a highlight of Folk Art Lemmonade with a final wash of Lamenters Yellow. And I am fairly pleased with the result! 
...I forgot to paint that tooth! Damnit!
The blacks were simple really, I used Abaddon Black as a base followed by a thinned dark gray (specifically I used Craftmade Graphite but any dark gray ought to suffice), then I dry brushed on a lighter, brighter grey (I used Applebarrel Country Grey), before finished the black with a wash of Nuln Oil. For a blue-ish look Ibhave done all those steps but switched out the Nuln Oil for Drakenhof Nightshade.

All the spikes, ringlets and scrapped metal highlights were done by using my old Mitheril Silver. 

I was tempted to paint some black flames or designs on some of the yellow areas, like on the klaw, but I decided that I liked him well enough as is. 

When I bought this guy, I bought him with a whole squad of Orks, so I guess now I really need to paint them up too, right?